2018 Healthwise

Now that 2018 is well on its way, most of us would have made our New Year's resolutions or at least thought of them. The need to stay healthy is always there. As the old saying goes Health Is Wealth. It is therefore sensible to include health related goals among our New Year's resolutions.

The main objective of making resolutions is to set goals to work towards and therefore these goals should be achievable. Making our resolutions may help was reset or recalibrate our mental efforts in getting there.

Here are a few very common New Year resolutions that are made:

  • To Lose Weight
  • To Be Physically Fit
  • To Lose Belly Fat
  • To Walk More
  • To Eat Less
  • To Eat Healthier Foods

Here are some others to consider:

  • Keep My Blood Pressure normal
  • Get My Blood Sugar down
  • Keep my pulse normal
  • Sleep more or better
  • Take my medications
  • Visit my doctor more often

Despite Everything, Consider Yourself Lucky

Each one of us will have our very own, specific health needs. Despite everything, consider yourself lucky. For instance your New Year's resolution maybe to loose weight whereas someone else maybe to just walk again. What we may take for granted is a life changing challenge for others.

Be Prepared To Adapt And Re-evaluate

As we move along with the hope of being successful with the goals set, we need to know that we should every once in a while re-evaluate our efforts and results. We should try not to get discouraged in our efforts and to seek help from resourceful professionals around us in order to lighten the burden.

Health Emergencies Will Come

As you know, health emergencies will come at some point. In making plans we all need to take into consideration and be prepared for when a need arises. We may not be able to prevent all medical conditions all the time but we can minimise the effects on us and our families.

Let's make 2018, the best, healthwise.

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