Going Hypo - Important Signs and Symptoms Of Low Blood Sugar

Most diabetics sooner or later will experience low blood sugar at some point in time. It may seem unfair and become frustrating that trying to get your blood sugar under control can take it down just too low. The general term use is "Going Hypo". Remember that the normal fasting blood sugar is between 60 - 100 mg/dl. Early symptoms may start even before 60 mg/dl.

Here are some of the signs and symptoms of low blood sugar:

1. Weakness

You feel generalised weakness resulting in the need to rest.

2. Cold sweat

This can easily be mistaken for regular sweating. However it generally appears with no relationship with weather conditions. Should not be mistaken for excessive sweating of menopause or fever.

3. Dizziness

Can be the first sign of low blood sugar. You may feel that you are spinning.

4. Trembling or tremors (nervousness)

Many persons will experience shakiness of the hands and a sense of nervousness or anxiety.

5. Change in Personality

This is probably the least known sign of low blood sugar. Some persons will start misbehaving such as using obscene language, becoming aggressive or even violent mimicking a state of drunkenness.

6. Coma Or Unconsciousness

The most important manifestation of a diabetic going hypo. This results when the blood sugar has dropped significantly. Generally the other signs and symptoms may have been experienced and ignored. Diabetics who generally are alone are at greater risk of falling into a coma i.e. becoming unresponsive or unconscious, as they may not have time to take corrective measures.

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